I'm Ray Colero and I'm a dog training expert.

The dog world is the same.


Miss X MISS X is the expert's expert. She is the director and head trainer for a very well known Dog Academies . She is also a certified dog trainer and an accredited canine behaviour specialist,

Together We Cover 100% Of Dog Training.

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"It was never supposed to be like this..." Right?


Does Your Dog :-

Pee & Poop Everywhere. No Matter What You Do To Try To Train It.
Continually Jumps Up. Are You And Others Frightened By This Behaviour?
Pulls When On A Lead.  It Is A Constant Battle Just To Take A Walk?
Aggressive To People. Just A Matter Of Time Before Someone Is Hurt?
Aggressive To Dogs. Impossible To Take For A Walk.
Bites You And Other People. This Has To Stop Before It Escalates.
Chews Your Furniture. Your Home Is Being Ruined.
Chews Your Belongings.  Mementoes That Can Never Be Replaced.
Digs Holes. The Yard, Garden Looks A Disaster.
Cries & Whines. Your Life Is Polluted By Constant Noise.
Barks Endlessly. Neighbours Complain.
Refuses All Commands. A Nightmare To Control.

Is the list above a snapshot of your life at the moment? Does your dog do some or all of these things? Has it's behaviour  become unacceptable? I can understand that. When you are faced with bad behaviour, day in day out, life can become a living nightmare.  But let me confirm that I can solve all these problems for you.


 Black Lab


Red Check House Train Your Dog.  Never Have To Clean Up Poop or Pee Again.
Red Check Stop Jumping  Up. Never  Again Be Afraid Of The Dog's Behaviour
Red Check Walk On A Lead. Always Be In Control With Your Dog Walking To Heel 
Red Check Stop Aggression To People. Feel Safe That Your Dog Is Fully Controlled
Red Check Stop Aggression  To Dogs. Never Have To Struggle To Part Dogs Again.
Red Check Stop Bites .Before The Problem  Escalates And People Get Hurt
Red Check Stop Chewing  Your Furniture. Your Home Is Yours Again .
Red Check Stop Chewing  Your Belongings. Never  Lose Another Treasured Memento
Red Check Stop Hole Digging . Reclaim Your Yard/ Garden. Plant Flowers Again.
Red Check Stop Cries & Whines. Bring Peace Back Into Your Life.
Red Check Stop Your Dog Barking  Endlessly. Have Your Neighbours As Friends Again.
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Stop Your Dog Refusing Commands. Take Full Control.



Marcus Stopped His Dog JUMPING UP.
Shirley Solved Her Dogs CHEWING PROBLEM.
Angelo Stopped His Dog BITING.










The Complete Course

Plan Of Action.


Plan Of Action    

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 We have a 8 month old male Black Labrador, who is very smart, easy going, and friendly, Anyway, he would occasionally get a hold of something he shouldn't, such as a spool of thread, a piece of paper or whatever. And When this happened, I'd pick him up, and try to take it out of his mouth, as bribes didn't seem to work. The problem he had was that he would try to keep whatever he had, and make an alien face at me, growl, and then bite, very hard. He never drew blood, but It really worried us, so much so that we got help. We paid for a series of basic obedience classes with a professional trainer but it didn't work.

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